It’s funny how I get into big arguments with my friends about cloning.  I seem to be the only person on the planet that’s not against it.  Honestly, I’m all for cloning only because I like to have my imagination satisfied.   I’d love to see some “extinct” animals walking around… I mean, come on!  A dodo bird at a zoo would be awesome!  If  humans were responsible for killing it off, we should bear some responsibility to bring it back… even if it’s just for entertainment purposes.  Even animals we didn’t kill off, like the woolly mammoth and giant sloth, would totally blow everyone’s mind if they saw it at the zoo… or at the restaurant… I bet passenger pigeon tastes good…  Most of my friends just don’t like the idea of “playing God” … but we f’d up the earth so much already… why stop there?  (“Fuck it… we’re going to Hell anyway” argument doesn’t sit well with anybody)… and maybe if certain people would stop harshly judging people in life and playing God in that sense, maybe I’ll reconsider my stance on cloning.