excerpt from AIM Chat


SquigglePop: I’m still not comprehending the concept

Damon: He’s a 34 year old man.  The little one is his 5 year old clone.

SquigglePop: Why isn’t the clone the same age?

Damon: You see, when some one is born they are born a baby… and then they have to grow up and learn things.  If they were the same age, they’d just be called “twins”

SquigglePop: Does the clone share the same memory as the original?

Damon: No… you have a Masters in Architecture and Philosophy and you’re a father… how do you not comprehend this simple matter?

SquigglePop: Maybe with my superior intellect and experience in life, my inability to comprehend your story indicates that your concept isn’t sound

Damon: Maybe this indicates all the buildings you designed shouldn’t be occupied by people

As this blog comic grows, I predict my friends will slowly stop IMing and texting me as they’ll find everything they say or do will turn into a potential plot in one of my strips…