November 2nd is the date for General Elections throughout the USA. Starting today, I’m posting this adventure about voting as a friendly reminder to all those who registered to vote to prepare yourself to vote. Between now and election day, use this time to educate yourself on all the candidates running for office, all the referendums that will be on the ballot, and how to properly mark your ballot to accurately cast your vote. A great resource for voters everywhere is which is run by League of Women Voters.

Now with that positive public announcement out of the way…

Stay the fuck home if you fit one of these two categories:

1- You’re an ignoramus fool and don’t know who or what you’re voting for. The only thing more dangerous than an absent vote is an ignorant one. Randomly marking up a ballot accomplishes only meaninglessness.

2- You’re a nimrod who can’t think for himself and, without acquiring the facts for yourself, you are going to vote according to how someone else told you to vote. For example, if you’re voting according to how your priest, boss, parent, teacher, coach, union leader, television celebrity, youtube video, or campaign commercial¬† told you to vote, it is this author’s opinion that you are the reason why democracy commonly fails. The only thing more dangerous than ignorant votes are coerced and manipulated to votes.

Now with that negative public announcement out of the way…

If you are an evil corporate bastard looking to manipulate the system or if you are someone who wants to save the world… educate yourself, vote, and go ahead and try manipulate a mass number of knuckle-headed voters to follow your lead.