In the city of Pawtucket, there isn’t a Republican candidate running for Mayor. So whoever wins the Primaries for the Democratic Party would essentially become the next Mayor of Pawtucket… unless of course someone from an oddball party pulls a miracle out of their buttocks… Anyway, the rules of primaries elections prohibits a person who aligns with the Republican Party from voting on the Democratic Party ticket and vice-versa. Therefore, in this very situation, Republicans completely lose their vote for who will be our city’s next executive leader. Even though I declare myself independent, but I typically side with Liberal policies, I believe this is a bum deal for any conservative in our city. It’s just wrong to be prohibited to vote for your Mayor because of this 2 party system we’ve adopted.

What can we do about it? Eh… too late already… I’m just griping… I stopped caring right just as I’m writing this sentence… they should have gotten their act together and nominated some uptight dickhead.