When the Supreme Court removed the limits of Corporate and Labor donations to political campaigns this year… hmmm… not sure how to specifically express myself here… so I’ll just vaguely state IT’S MUTHA FUCKIN STOOPID!!! The only positive thing I can extract from this is that the government is at least being  transparently honest by admitting our country is controlled by big businesses. Maybe we’ll at least know which corporations have which politicians in their pocket.

That being said…

IF ANY POLITICIAN WHO HAPPENS TO BE READING THIS… I am ready and absolutely willing to sell some adverting space in and around my webcomic site!  Hell… for $5K, I’ll make one of the comic characters say they endorse you within the comic itself!  I don’t care what party or your views are… you’re talking to a guy who ran his hands through dog shit for $5.  If your campaign is endorsed by a giant corporate conglomerate, even better!  For $10K my character will use whatever product that company sells while he/she endorses you!  Soda, condoms, prescription drugs, weapons grade uranium… you name it, I can figure a story where my characters will interact with it. $20K I’ll draw you directly in the comic.  SHieEeT… you don’t even have to run for office!  Anyone gives me $20K  gets drawn in here!