Super-ego: Keeps us on the straight and narrow”

Psychology for Dummies

So what is this comic blog all about? By the looks of it, this seems like it’s going to be a comic that follows the adventures of a 34 year old man raising his own clone. I’m pretty proud of this concept, and I think I can keep this story going for a long span of time, but I know myself and I get rather tired toiling on the same crap for weeks on end. So if I’m going to continue this comic, I’m confessing that I will venture into strange tangents and random ideas from time to time just to keep myself entertained.

I really have no plans or limitations for this comic.  I just know I’m gonna let it evolve into whatever strange beast it might transform into. The only sure thing I can state is this site is going to be a weekly unloading of my consciousness. It will mix fictional scenarios I imagined while laying in bed, driving my car, or taking a dump on the toilet.  I’m starting with the concept of raising a clone because my original idea was all about conversations I have with myself. Life is confusing and there are many little voices in my head that bicker furiously about what’s the right thing to do.  So what better way to depict this than to actually argue with a tangible abstract version of myself in the fantastical world of make-believe?

Not always though.  Once in awhile I’ll unload a bit of my reality into this comic format. Life is typically more unpredictable and brutal than anyone’s imagination can fathom, and it just fascinates me to explore and share it with others. Being artists, we sometimes have to be emotionally transparent to all those viewing our work.  I believe the best artists have no shame in being vulnerable.  I will be sure to clarify when I’m writing from my own life (I’ll call it “Real Life ____”) so you won’t confuse fiction from reality.

What this blog is not? Well, if you go by current parental standards, it is not for kids… probably not teenagers… and probably not for prude and conservative adults. I think people 60 years and up will be okay with this because they lived long enough to accept and appreciate what curve-balls life throws at them… it’s also probably okay for children under 2 because they don’t know how to read yet… with that being so, it’s okay for illiterate people as well. So a general warning- my sense of humor regularly ventures into the morbid, violent, offensive, and perverse. If this type of humor is not your cup of tea, you should still read my comic and stop being a fuddy-duddy.

I will try my best to answer any questions, concerns, or suggestions… just be aware my 1st grade teacher told me my best was never good enough.  Also remember, I am petty enough to make fun of you in the actual comic itself…

XXX XOXOs zzzzz

(triple XXX hugs and kisses immediately followed by sleepings)

Damon  Wong